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01. Founder

The founder of the company is a certified Authorized accountant, registration number 006294. 

02. IFAC

The certificate was obtained by the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Serbia and issued according to the rules of the IFAC – International Federation of Accountants.

03. License

It is accompanied by a license, which is renewed yearly affirming that the owner of the certificate is versed to all legal changes and current events in the domain of tax regulations.

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Our company has been operating successfully under the name Monet since 2011, recording significant growth and development, first as an entrepreneurial agency and then from 2014 through the form of a limited liability company.

In order to offer our clients the professional accounting service according to the highest standards of professional practice, we rely on the services of Tax Office Tatić, which we consider to be the most relevant tax consulting company in Serbia.


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