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You want to get funds for Your project but You don’t know where to start.

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There is a lot that you don’t know…

You don’t know which documentation is required.
Do You know under which terms these projects have been financed by the banks?
Do You know how to stipulate payment conditions and dynamic plan?
Do You know which kind of contract with the constructors You need?
Do You know that You don’t need another mortgage in order to get loan?
Do You know when to submit documentation to the bank?
Do You know what is the required amount of equity and which form of equity is acceptable to the banks?
Do You pay interest during the construction period?

We have answers to all these questions.

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How project finance works?


Getting loan for project finance (construction) is often a nightmare, even for the experienced investors, having in mind that it is a set of complicated procedures which should be followed before You go to the bank. Each project is, by its definition, one structured process and requires a dozen of different activities which need to be performed simultaneously. That journey from the idea to the finished project (earned profit) goes through many phases. Analysis of the location, elaboration of ownership and urban planning documentation, evolution of optimal preliminary project in order to maximize volume of net square meters, determination of optimal investment value of location, purchase process, foundation of separate legal entity for the purpose of the project financing (SPV), project development and obtaining the construction permit, negotiation and selection of adequate contractors, budget and dynamic plan calculation, getting adequate guarantees form constructors, setting the selling prices and earning potential having in mind all direct and indirect costs, preparation of cash flow on the basis of predetermined assumptions… these all are activities which have to be completed prior to the loan approval. If any of these is inadequate the project entries into a zone of undetermined risk and the financing will not be approved. This is not good even for those investors that are financing the project by themselves, since they also need to assess all of the risks and potential outcomes.
And then the project starts. Then You need to monitor construction and payment dynamics, distribution and repayment of loan, inscription of mortgages, process of sales and collection, mortgage loans` package for the buyers, notarization of the contracts, all the way to the technical acceptance, usage permit and full loan repayment. And at the end remains the question how can You get Your earnings out, what are the tax rates and how those rates could be reduced.
This is why are we the right partner to You, since we can do it all for You.


Multidecadal experience of our team in financing, managing and analyzing different projects, provided us with the priceless insight into the financial, legislative and operational obstacles, which one project can be faced with.
That is the reason why we are so good in project management and preparation of business plans and feasibility studies.
That is why the success rate of our feasibility studies and the projects is so high.
That is why our business plans and studies are appreciated by the banks and the funds.

We provide following services:
preparation of feasibility study/business plan for real estate financing
preparation of feasibility study/business plan for commercial objects` financing
preparation of feasibility study/business plan for industrial objects` financing
preparation of feasibility study/business plan for financing of small hydro power plants
conducting project management services
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