Our idea is that candidates are effectively prepared, in a short period of time, for everything they might encounter once they start working and that they bring will themselves all the models and written instructions containing everything we have done together.

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We are committed to growth and education of new associates in the domain of business administration and bookkeeping. Our goal is to provide practical, usable knowledge, which is applicable at this time, through trainings that we organize for our students. We are aware that there is a major gap between school education and the actual requirements of business practice. That is why we have designed short, concrete and efficient seminars, which bring only the necessary information and practical instructions for work that will be necessary for the participants once they are employed. And that is why our lecturers are the people with many years of experience, who are now working successfully and who happily transfer their knowledge to students directly from practice.

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How seminars work?

We believe that it is not necessary to spend a month or two on exhausting courses, when in one day the essence can be drawn out in and the same, if not better, result can be achieved. Our lecture concept is such that it gives you thorough knowledge and the most important guidelines, with which you can practically work and learn, improve yourself.
Our seminars are held in a pleasant area in the YU Business Center in New Belgrade, adapted for efficient and concrete work.
At the end of the seminar, all participants receive certificates and a detailed job specification for which they are trained, which can be very useful in a job interview.

Also, all our trained students enter the candidate database, which we will gladly and with complete trust share with our clients, business partners, and the accounting agencies that we cooperate with.
No matter how hard it is for someone to find the right job, it is also hard for employers to find the right employee, keep this in mind! A certificate of mastered practical knowledge that you will receive at the end of the training may be a strong ace for you, one that will pleasantly surprise the employer!

Knowledge of documentation:

Contacts and accounting documents
Document content, necessary elements
Internal and external document flows

Working with a bookkeeper

Delivery of documentation and control
Labor contracts
Workers Registration and Deregistration

Working with banks

Dinar and foreign currency payments
Schedule flows from abroad
Payment codes

Working with clients

Types of companies
How to create an invoice and what it must contain

Basis of Excel

Steps to create a table
Basic functions

Working with the director

Two types of executives
What does he want?

Be successful

Desired focus
Expected behavior

Inquiry for seminar

The seminar is held every Saturday from 9-13h in the YU Business Center in New Belgrade.
The seminar price is 6,000 dinars per participant.
The maximum number of participants is 14 in one group.
Registration is done by filling in the contact form on this page.
Reservation of the place is done by paying RSD 2.000 per account, after receiving information about the remaining vacancies and instructions for payment to your e-mail.
You can pay the remaining amount of training costs in cash before the start of the training or in full to the account.
Upon completion of the training each participant will receive a certificate of completed training, with a detailed overview of the topics covered
All additional information can be obtained by calling the number: 061 254 9999